Something New!

It’s 2019, right?

How’s your New Year going? Let me know. I’d love to talk about it.

So, if it isn’t enough that I sell insurance, jewelry, and have my own hair&skin care product line, I have something new to add to my repertoire.

One of my greatest hats that I wear is that of a parent. I’m more in a position where I can work with and help other parents down a rough, but doable road.

Let me know if this is your experience or if you know someone in this position.

Until next time…

Another Day in My Life!

Another Day

Another Day…

Another day in my life!  It started so peacefully.  I said my prayers, read my bible, I even did a small workout. I was feeling pretty good, the day was starting out great and on a positive note! Checking my notifications has become a part of my daily routine, so I proceeded with starting this daily task.

Another Day

My Party!

I am a new Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Accessories and I am hosting my Launch Party this weekend, imagine my surprise when I opened my Facebook event and found myself blocked from inviting anyone! Without panicking, I attempted to invite people through my different devices.  Adding hosts was difficult but I did it and begged them to invite others.  I sent a report stating that I was blocked, nothing was working.  I sat and allowed the stress to quietly, but quickly, take over my body.

Launch Party

Car Inspection

After some time had passed, 2 of my new hosts were able to get 120 people invited.  It wasn’t the 1000 that I wanted to invite but it’s a start, considering that the party begins on Friday.  While I am trying to breathe again I realize that my new (used) vehicle still needs to be inspected and the money reserved for the inspection is gone. Amazing, it’s another day in my life!

No Quitting Allowed!

Tired, aching and unable to work on any of my various projects, I run out to get the car inspected.  3 hours later, with the car finally inspected and back to work.  I go to Facebook and attempt to invite 1 person, not a chance!  Blocked!  I share the event to my timeline in hopes that everyone will see it.  Self-employment means I work 20 hours a day, 6 days a week, so I can't quit! Click To Tweet.

Time to Repair…

It’s been a rough day, but it’s what a day in my life looks like sometimes.  Now I have to get back in the saddle and get some posting done, some cleaning done, and rebuild the relationships that I attacked throughout the day.

How do you handle the really busy and aggravating days in your life?


It’s Friday and I’m Wiped Out!


It’s amazing how I can remember looking forward to Fridays.  In my mind I was already picking out an outfit.  My hairdo was ready, or at least thought of.  Shoes!  Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that my shoes were ready.  Either they were lined up under my work desk or at home waiting in a box in an accessible location.  Fridays were exciting!

What happened?

I hope that it isn’t age.  I’m really blaming it on extreme busyness that by the time I see Friday, I don’t what happened to my energy on a Friday.  I want nothing more than a nice relaxing bath and my bed.  I don’t want anything else.  (Maybe some ice cream, LOL.)  It seems as though I’ve ripped and ran all week for everything and everyone and I want nothing more than a time out.

Why is everything on a Friday?

That’s what I want to know.  Isn’t anyone else tired.  Doesn’t anyone else long for their bed?  My comforter calls me.  My pillows sing to me.  It feels so good just to sit and do nothing for a change, then to lay down, ah!  It feels like a bit of heaven just to lay there and hold my pillow.  I pull the comforter up to my neck and lay there for a few minutes.  I cherish a few quiet minutes.  It feels so incredible.  The problem is that I have to get up!  It’s Friday and something is happening somewhere, that I must attend.  I don’t want to go.  I want to stay in the bed.  That’s not totally true.  I want to go, but not tonight.  Why Friday?

I guess I’ll stay in bed tomorrow.  Hopefully no one will want breakfast or for me to take them somewhere.  Oh no, what I am thinking?  I have errands to run tomorrow, work on my blog and everything picks up again.  Busy Sunday and the rest of the week.  Some people say that there isn’t any rest for the weary.  I do expect to rest someday, it just won’t be today.

Paparazzi Accessories by Dona!

It’s official!  I’m an Independent Consultant of Paparazzi Accessories!

I’m absolutely doing what I love to do!  I’ve teamed up with Paparazzi Accessories and I’m once again selling jewelry.  Selling jewelry and empowering others to become business owners at the same time is a dream come true.  I’m able to do both and you can do both!  Find something wonderful to make your next outfit standout, host a party (I’ll do all of the work) and earn free jewelry, or become your own boss!  Click the link below and find out how!

Stop by, you’re sure to find something that you love!  Come back and enjoy this site, don’t forget to read everything else this site offers!

Paparazzi Accessories by Dona