This Week’s Journey…

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This week’s journey was another whirlwind.  Are your ready to read about it?  Another set of highs and lows, successes and failures set the backstage for where we are right now.

This Week’s Journey…4/17/18 – 4/21/18


Sunday, I went to church and it was so good.  I learned and I worshipped and I felt peace.  If I could have come home and slept for 2 hours that would have been the perfect reset.  By now, you know, that did not happen.  I already determined in my mind that this week would be so much different.  Plans were made during last week’s journey to begin living a balanced life.

Monday, I prepared for my week by resting and working on promoting my brand. I made a few phone calls that I was procrastinating about making. Not too shabby at all, I didn’t get much done and it didn’t hurt, terrific! To make it even better I received my biggest Paparazzi order to date! Making Monday wonderful and Tuesday great!  I volunteered for a wonderful program called the Pajama Program, where we read to children while providing them with pajamas.  It was over the top for me. Meeting the children was wonderful, they were so excited.  The children enjoyed the book reading and really enjoyed the pajamas. I enjoyed myself so much and I look forward to doing it again. I was on a complete high note and took myself over to an interview.

An Interview…

My interview went well considering that I had prior knowledge of the company before arriving.  We laughed and talked and I sat through a small preview of the work that would be done.  We immediately scheduled a demo for me to participate in the very next day to see if I’d like the work that’s involved.  Wednesday came and I was exhausted because I couldn’t stop thinking about, 1) enjoying myself volunteering, 2) doing well on an interview, 3) a day following someone and what that would be like, 4) I still have to blog, when will I do that?! and now 5) I’m doing an entire-day long demo.  Nevertheless, I get up and I arrive, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to go on time!

Time for Your Interview

I spent 8 hours with a senior worker who’s energy level was on 150%.  All that I could do was admire this woman.  She is excited and ready for whatever life brings.  God is good!  Another person would have never convinced me to join this company.  This woman is so alive about life!  She reminds me of myself.  I consider the fact that I’m Still Sealed With Love and it breathes life into me everyday so I should definitely have her energy.  Here, a woman of a particular age with the body of a teenager and the energy to match, all that I can still say is WOW! Celebrate the life God has given you! Click To Tweet

The Phone Call!

The demo wore me out!  I’ll have to work on my energy levels to get to this lady’s level.  At home I promoted on Pinterest, caught up with some Instagram followers and fell backwards and straight to sleep in my chair while doing so.  Thursday, in the rain, I ran errands and I went to a seminar that I was scheduled to attend and I’m happy to say that I learned something, it wasn’t a waste of time.  Then, the phone call came through!

A second interview was requested but I had to schedule a time.  There isn’t any time like the present, so I scheduled it to happen after the seminar and some finagling was done, this time-no, this time, you know, the back and forth and getting it right thing.  Needless to say, we met and I signed the dotted line.  Next step, I’m going to training and I’m set to take the test to become a licensed insurance agent in the State of New York.  Can you say nervous?

What Happened to Friday?

Now, according to my new plan, of “living a balanced life”, should have been in full swing.  I should be able to relax on Fridays and Saturdays.  Unfortunately, my great highs/successes during the week helped me to get off track and Friday became one of those Fridays that I never want again.  It wasn’t all bad, just really weird.  I should have been off and my husband was off, we were scheduled for relaxation.

Everyone was home and we had a really big breakfast.  So far, so good, everything is going nicely.  BOMB! What happened?  Irritability kicked in.  I attempted to avoid irritation by doing a little promoting since I was in the land of doingnothingness (my made up word for a place where I do nothing).  Everyone is yelling about different things.  I’m now in the middle of the mess.  The day continued with one low after another.  Most of the house disappeared outside so that it was only my husband and I left disagreeing about every single thing underneath the great big sun.

We never went out.  Neither one of us did anything for fun.  I don’t remember laughing.  It was as if I needed a completely terrible day to balance out the rest of my week.  Incredible, right?  Now, I’m working on my new week, preparing for my LIVE videos and writing you.  How was your week?

Do you have a plan for living a balanced life?  Would you mind sharing it with me?

This Week’s Journey…

This Week’s Journey…4/8/18 through 4/14/18.

Thanks for joining me on this week’s journey. It was a strange experience. It started out good, then really low, then kind of crazy and through many revelations, it ended on a high! I’ll tell you all about it, hopefully, you will have some advice for me.

I joined an engagement pod and didn’t realize the amount of time that needed to be in invested to stay current in the group. Spending every waking moment commenting on various posts took the life out of me. I didn’t have a system and I was struggling to create posts to keep up. Instagram drew me into a world where I stopped taking care of my normal everyday functions so that I could ensure that I was liking and commenting on everyone else’s posts.  In addition to trying to take care of my home, I failed to find a balance and burned out completely. I spent Monday through Wednesday in a complete fog, my creativity went into hibernation.


Finally on My Journey!

Thursday I hung out with my sister and the time away from home was so good. I was finally out of the house. Yeah! Still no blog post, but I posted on Instagram.

On Friday, New York truly experienced spring! I ventured out of the house and enjoyed the sunshine. Sunglasses and the absence of a jacket felt like heaven! The weather was warm and inviting and it helped brighten my mood.  Invigoration at last!  Later in the day I took a walk and posted a few LIVE videos, it felt so good.  I posted on our Facebook page that I would finally do a blog post.  I had a good post on a Friday so I knew it was the right day to create a post.  Sadly, it didn’t happen.

On Saturday, first, I did my LIVE video for my Facebook Group, “Grow A Minute-A-Day With God“. I was looking forward to the turn out that I had the week before and the most people that attended were 4 at one time. That didn’t last either, the true turn out was 2 people for the majority of the “interactive” video. I went to a surprise birthday party for a good friend of mine. It was so refreshing to get dressed and go out! I thank God for the experience. I was able to see and hug people who I miss and love and it was a good occasion. It’s sad that most reunions are during funerals, but this was a beautiful space and time to see people that I love.

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Haul Yourself Out of Here!


Haul yourself out of here! Yes, I said, “haul yourself out of here,” please and thank you! Be gone! This the best way that I can say what I shouldn’t say and shouldn’t have to say. Why is it that some people scheme their way through life? Click To TweetWhy can’t life be lived without someone doing something slippery/underhanded or illegally?

By the book!

I’m traditional and by the book with what I do. Growing up around people who believed in getting over on the system was frustrating for me. Many people who I knew growing up loved getting over on people or haggling them. I’m uncomfortable doing these things. I like things straight so that I can go back and find what I originally sought after.

I have neither the time nor the patience for people doing things that are illegal, or underhanded. I’m not saying that I’m a plain Jane, just that I believe in decency and in ORDER.


  • You can’t use my social security number.
  • You can’t claim a child of mine on your taxes.
  • You can’t drive my car around without being on my insurance.
  • You can’t use my address so that you can do whatever it is that you do.
  • You CAN’T use my debit card.
  • You can’t borrow my clothes.
  • I will not call your job and pretend that you’re sick.
  • I will not help you, if you haven’t even begun to help yourself.
  • I will not read what you should have read for yourself.
  • I will not handle your business.
  • I will not lie for you.

I’m screaming, GROW UP, take responsibility for your own actions and stop asking people to handle what you alone are responsible for. God has helped me to do so much on my own, so I advise you to pray and listen to what He has to say, then do it.

My request…

I will need you to haul yourself out of here! Keep walking.  Do what’s right for you, please and thank you!
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