Haul Yourself Out of Here!


Haul yourself out of here! Yes, I said, “haul yourself out of here,” please and thank you! Be gone! This the best way that I can say what I shouldn’t say and shouldn’t have to say. Why is it that some people scheme their way through life? Click To TweetWhy can’t life be lived without someone doing something slippery/underhanded or illegally?

By the book!

I’m traditional and by the book with what I do. Growing up around people who believed in getting over on the system was frustrating for me. Many people who I knew growing up loved getting over on people or haggling them. I’m uncomfortable doing these things. I like things straight so that I can go back and find what I originally sought after.

I have neither the time nor the patience for people doing things that are illegal, or underhanded. I’m not saying that I’m a plain Jane, just that I believe in decency and in ORDER.


  • You can’t use my social security number.
  • You can’t claim a child of mine on your taxes.
  • You can’t drive my car around without being on my insurance.
  • You can’t use my address so that you can do whatever it is that you do.
  • You CAN’T use my debit card.
  • You can’t borrow my clothes.
  • I will not call your job and pretend that you’re sick.
  • I will not help you, if you haven’t even begun to help yourself.
  • I will not read what you should have read for yourself.
  • I will not handle your business.
  • I will not lie for you.

I’m screaming, GROW UP, take responsibility for your own actions and stop asking people to handle what you alone are responsible for. God has helped me to do so much on my own, so I advise you to pray and listen to what He has to say, then do it.

My request…

I will need you to haul yourself out of here! Keep walking.  Do what’s right for you, please and thank you!
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