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The birth of Ella’s So Good!, Ltd. really started a long time ago. Click To Tweet Like anyone else, my mother (Ella) appreciated the best things in life.

The Need

I’ll admit that I only want things that are really good in my life and nothing else, so when I noticed that my hair was dry all of the time, I realized I needed to fix it.  You see, I suffered from severe dandruff and my hair was brittle and thinning.  I tried everything on the market and nothing helped completely.  I started experimenting with all-natural products.

Other Products

Products on the market that boasted about being all-natural still had ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce and my hair would be dry the following day even after a week of daily usage.  Because of this, I needed something different.  I was advised to cook rosemary in olive oil to grow my hair back.  “Use Jamaican Black castor oil”.  Use this, use that, was the beginning of every piece of advice and webpage for my natural hair.

Ultimately, I needed something that smelled good, was healthy and would revitalize my hair without additives that would give me the dandruff that I was struggling with.  I needed to grow my hair (it had stopped growing).  I needed it to grow healthy (it was terribly brittle).  Ella’s came to the rescue!

Ella’s Hair Moisturizer

After a few months of trial and error, I created “Ella’s Hair Moisturizer”.  Finally, a product that worked for me in every way that I needed.  Every single ingredient is raw and organic.  With a base of Shea and Mango Butter and layered with Coconut and Olive Oil, Ella’s Proprietory Oil Blend balances it out perfectly.  Ah, sweet relief.  It moisturizes, restores, brings health and smells great!

We now offer our Dry Skin Fix for anyone with extremely dry skin and dry skin problems.

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