Something New!

It’s 2019, right?

How’s your New Year going? Let me know. I’d love to talk about it.

So, if it isn’t enough that I sell insurance, jewelry, and have my own hair&skin care product line, I have something new to add to my repertoire.

One of my greatest hats that I wear is that of a parent. I’m more in a position where I can work with and help other parents down a rough, but doable road.

Let me know if this is your experience or if you know someone in this position.

Until next time…

2019 and Beyond!

My prayer for you is that 2019 is your best year ever!

I pray that you will receive all of the love, grace, mercy, communication, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, instruction, direction, peace, health, wealth and success that God gives.

I pray that you will find rest and peace of mind in God’s arms.

I pray that your home, your family and your job is blessed.

I pray that your business and your endeavors bless you and others and that creativity will flow from you freely.

Love God! Love everybody!

Don’t forget to Start Clean in 2019!Give yourself the gift of Unwinding in God for 2019!

My (OLD) Skincare Routine

Old Skincare Routine…

My Old Skincare Routine is a video that I’m presenting to you today for your viewing pleasure.  The host, Rae Amari, continues to bless me and I’m certain you will enjoy all that she has to share.  The video talks about our blog Still Sealed With Love. The purpose of this blog is to promote my Celebration of Life and the products that I sell.

As you may be used to, my mission is still to encourage others to live the life that God has given to us. In addition to sharing my life stories, I am now a Life, Accident and Health Insurance Agent and Broker. I am also an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi (TM) Accessories.

I’d love for you to stop by and enjoy this time with me. Take a look, drop me a line and while you’re at it, take a look at this video that features what I do, by this Wonderful Woman. Rae Amari is on the rise and you want to be there to see and experience all that she has to offer!

My WAR Story!

W.A.R. Story!

It’s a #WAR Story Wednesday at #sheplants! (one of my FB groups),  I’m here to tell my War Story that’s Real and of Resilience.

WAR Story

For the past 25 years of my life I have worked in an all-male, all-white field (of which I am neither). I began working in the industry as a teenager. I worked tirelessly, with a spirit of excellence that was rewarded by promotions, wonderful opportunities and awesome relationships.

A Blessing!

In the middle of the 25 years I switched companies (the companies are direct competitors) for an increase in pay. Again, I was rewarded as I was in the first corporation. This WAR Story sounds like a blessing because it was. My employment took care of my family. God blessed me in a place where I stood out like a sore thumb, where I met people everyday who did not want me. Instead of me feeling like the cactus (treated like so often), I was able to bloom like a tree and the fruit and branches gave my home provision. (I’m poetic 😁).

The reason that I compare myself to a tree is because throughout the past quarter of a century (yes, girl, Mama looks good for her age), I endured several storms. As I said earlier, women and color were not factors of my workplace, especially being a single parent. There were trainings that required travel (I never missed any in 25 years). I often worked 24/7 being on call, while raising my kids, might I add. If you are close to me, I’m sorry about the times that I left the table, or the room, to take yet another phone call, or worse, pull out my laptop.

Some people may say, “you had a job”! Believe me when I say that I am not complaining.  I’m just telling my story.  Did I mention the enormous amount of discrimination that I dealt with? Probably not, and unfortunately, that’s as far as I can go with that topic at this time.

I Conquered!

Yet, and still, I was and am blessed. I was able to accomplish so much while underneath so much pressure. I took it, I dealt with it, I smiled and oh, I CONQUERED. Click To Tweet I learned how to let my voice be heard. My work and my reputation spoke LOUDLY for me.  Through childbirth, separation, divorce, child-rearing, school (both theological and college education), trials, tribulations, relationships, rebirth, courting, marriage and graduations, I made it!

Sealed With Love
Millennials are now in control (that’s what I’m told) and my time in that industry is done. I believe that God has new waters for me.  Stay tuned as I write about it more in depth because there are so many stories to tell. I just wanted to share this war story with you to say that I made it!

My Cell Phone is Dead!

What do you mean, my cell phone is dead?

My cell phone is dead!  As I was traveling yesterday, my cell phone dropped and hit the concrete ground.  Like so many other times, I reached down to dust it off and access the damage.  “NO!” I’m screaming in my mind, the screen is black, cracked and it won’t light up!  What am I going to do?  I was heading to the train station to go into Manhattan and for a much needed date with my husband.  Then I look back at my phone in disbelief and decide that I.Can.Do,This!  I will travel without a cell phone today.

My Cell Phone is Dead
My Cell Phone is Dead

I get up to the train station and to my surprise there’s a pay phone.  The pay phone costs 50 cents.  When is the last time that I carried change? Standing with the train leaving, I’m trying to scrounge and pray for 50 cents worth of change.  Found it!  Yes God!  I’m so happy, I try to call my husband, I’m glad that I remember his number.  When I get through, I try to explain my phone situation and arrange to meet him at the same time.  He’s trying to understand, thinking that the phone battery is dead.  I’m afraid of losing my call, panicking, I’m trying to arrange where to meet but we’re not speaking the same language at all.  Gotta go!  The train is about to leave!

I’ll Meet You

The train is freezing because I left my jacket in the car (I blame it on the phone, I lost focus completely).  I slept all of the way to my stop, got off the train and I walked to my destination only to remember that we didn’t communicate well and now there’s no sight of my husband.  In the reception area of where we’re due to meet I’m informed that the only person with my husband’s name is not married, after a series of phone calls.  Really???  I walk around for a bit trying to figure out what to do.  “My cell phone is dead”, I keep thinking.

I want to eat to deal with the feelings that I’m experiencing. Instead I find myself going back inside to leave a note in case someone sees my man walk in.  I ask again, and the gentleman behind the counter says, “I thought I heard you say that name earlier”.   He gets me the clearance required to enter this beautiful building where I’m meeting my love.

cell phone is dead
My Boo Thang and Me!

“Oh no”! He is attending a meeting prior to our date and its running over schedule.  As I sit and wait, I notice that time is escaping us and I have to return home.  I parked my car for 6 hours and the time is running away from us.  I ask my husband for his cell phone because I have to contact our daughter, something that’s been bothering me since the phone died.  Why is his cell phone at 4%???  I contact her and pray that she gets my message.  After 1/2 of an hour and 1% left on his battery she answers me saying, “ok”.  Teenagers!  I drag myself to bid farewell to my Boo Thang, (he’s so understanding) and I get ready to leave.

Somehow Making it Through the Day

I’m really greedy and since I have no phone I decide to drown my sorrow with some food, of course.  After getting something to eat, I commenced to take the walk back to the train.  I jump on the train which is now filled with people coming home from work.  A dear friend gets on the train and she helps me to keep my mind off of standing without a cell phone to read.  We chat for a while until her stop comes and I final see a seat for me.  I sit down and fall asleep.  Not only was my phone dead, but I did a lot of walking today (more than what I usually do), so sleep was in order. What else is there to do when your cell phone is dead?

I return to my car and now I’m deciding whether I should go home or go to my phone carrier’s shop.  On the drive, I’m thinking about how I’ve missed my nephew’s swearing in to the military.  Then I started thing about the notifications that I’ve missed.  I can’t check emails or know if I sold any jewelry. How many calls and messages that I’ve gotten from people and the fact that I have so many people to get back to?

New Phone

As I arrive at my destination and look for parking.  Great!  There are spots available!  I’m elated.  I jump out of the car and I realize that I have to pay for parking.  “No problem”, I think to myself.  I’ll pay on my app like I normally do.  “Oh no”!  I can’t pay with a dead phone. Now I have to look for change to feed the meter.  I don’t remember the last time I did that.  Thank God the meter took dollar bills.  I paid for too much time and went to the phone store.

In the phone store, I learn that there’s nothing that can be done for my old (2-year old) phone.  It’s time to upgrade.  For a nominal fee, I upgrade and get the accessories to avoid future injuries.  I really didn’t want to spend this money today.  Why today of all days?  Why me?  This won’t get me down.  While I’m waiting I begin to talk with the salesman as he rings me up.  I tell him how good God is, that without working for a job, here I am with a new phone and with everything that I need.  Within 40 minutes, we laugh about my cute new case and with my final signature, I’m out of the store and on my way to my car.

Our Date…Finally!

I decide to use my new phone. I knew it was time to call people and let them know that I am now reachable.  I’m walking in the street not looking because I don’t know how to use this phone.  I stop and stand still and I try everything until I finally figure out how to get off of the home screen.  I call my Mr. and he tells me he’s nearby, he left the meeting a few minutes after I did.  I’m listening and praying that this information doesn’t upset my day further.  I’m still full, but I ask, “did you eat”?  He lets me know that he hasn’t and he wants McDonald’s (which I hate).  The fat girl in me decides, I can use a shake.  “Ok, I’ll meet you there”.

We finally get our date and the service was horrible.  The food was horrible.  You could not have convinced me that my cell phone being dead would truly have an impact on my day like it did.  I was so ready to live without it.  No notifications all day and night.  I imagined being able to see the world and not look down at it.  It was the opposite.  Here I am a woman of a certain age needing my cell phone!  The new phone is amazing, I just need to learn how to use it.  We went home and laughed about the day.  After talking like 2 schoolkids, we talked with our family and discussed the day.  Everyone laughed and laughed.  It was time to turn in.  We slept like babies and woke up happy.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Coral Blue
New Cell Phone

My old cell phone is dead, which probably just means that it was time for my new phone.  Isn’t she pretty?