This Week’s Journey…

This Week’s Journey…4/8/18 through 4/14/18.

Thanks for joining me on this week’s journey. It was a strange experience. It started out good, then really low, then kind of crazy and through many revelations, it ended on a high! I’ll tell you all about it, hopefully, you will have some advice for me.

I joined an engagement pod and didn’t realize the amount of time that needed to be in invested to stay current in the group. Spending every waking moment commenting on various posts took the life out of me. I didn’t have a system and I was struggling to create posts to keep up. Instagram drew me into a world where I stopped taking care of my normal everyday functions so that I could ensure that I was liking and commenting on everyone else’s posts.  In addition to trying to take care of my home, I failed to find a balance and burned out completely. I spent Monday through Wednesday in a complete fog, my creativity went into hibernation.


Finally on My Journey!

Thursday I hung out with my sister and the time away from home was so good. I was finally out of the house. Yeah! Still no blog post, but I posted on Instagram.

On Friday, New York truly experienced spring! I ventured out of the house and enjoyed the sunshine. Sunglasses and the absence of a jacket felt like heaven! The weather was warm and inviting and it helped brighten my mood.  Invigoration at last!  Later in the day I took a walk and posted a few LIVE videos, it felt so good.  I posted on our Facebook page that I would finally do a blog post.  I had a good post on a Friday so I knew it was the right day to create a post.  Sadly, it didn’t happen.

On Saturday, first, I did my LIVE video for my Facebook Group, “Grow A Minute-A-Day With God“. I was looking forward to the turn out that I had the week before and the most people that attended were 4 at one time. That didn’t last either, the true turn out was 2 people for the majority of the “interactive” video. I went to a surprise birthday party for a good friend of mine. It was so refreshing to get dressed and go out! I thank God for the experience. I was able to see and hug people who I miss and love and it was a good occasion. It’s sad that most reunions are during funerals, but this was a beautiful space and time to see people that I love.

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